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Bazując na świadczeniu usług fulfillmentu w eCommerce, również oferujemy usługi customizowanego opakowania, etykietowania każdej jednostki towaroerj, rozpakowywania kartonów zbiorczych / palet, skanowania GTIN produktów, drukowania Matrix stickera umieszczając go na opakowaniu zbiorczym czy jednostki. Również możemy dorzucać manuale, materiały marketingowe do paczek, Chestny ZNAK i wiele innych.
Benefits of working with us
We offer
  • Goods inbound
    We are organizing the delivery to our warehouses and inbound your goods.
  • Goods storage
    After delivery, the goods are in modern warehouses with security and 24-hour video surveillance.
  • Integration
    We will integrate your e-shop or marketplace to our system and will manage the stock
  • We will mark, pick and pack
    We take into account all the requirements and wishes of the customer when packing, labeling and shipping goods.
  • We will deliver the order to the customer and provide the orders tracking
    Orders ready to ship will be delivered directly to the carrier in the specified quantity. We track orders on an ongoing basis in real time. We ship a lot on daily basis, with competitive prices and a cut off - up to 3pm.
  • FBA Amazon prep center
    Amazon has strict requirements for the products and packaging, and storage, labeling. Preparation and processing of orders are not cheap. By sending goods to Amazon not directly, but via our Prep Center, you will feel free from worries about Amazon.
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Special services

Expansion Fulfillment's perk is product customization and branding. Here are upgrades offered by our specialists:
  • adding text to the packaging in any color or font;
  • uploading an image selected by the customer.
We also accept orders for labeling and scanning of the universal product code used to identify it. Branding with Matrix stickers is very popular among regular customers. 

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Product customization

Every business professional wants their product to be unique. You can use manuals and marketing brochures that come with every parcel to personalize your products. 

Manuals help the user understand how to use the product correctly. Put another way, the document can be called operational guidelines. On top of that, brochures promote products from the related series.

If the customer cannot decide on what to select as an accompanying product to make it stick to the buyer's memory, our specialists will suggest the best solution. Each consultant has extensive experience in e-commerce and will select a suitable personalized option for your product.