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What are we doing
  • Just starting out on Amazon? Your FBA won't get any easier! Let us handle all of your Amazon inventory. We will prep it, pack it and ship it to FBA.
  • Looking for a safe place to keep your stock? We offer warehousing services in our warehouses. Short-term storage for consolidation, long-term secure storage, offer WMS
  • Looking for transport solution to your customer or do not know how to transfer your stock to us? We offer all types of deliveries all over the world!
  • We have all relevant procedures to carry out relevant quantity and quality checks before take back on a stock
  • As well as our core eCommerce fulfilment services, we offer a We offer customized packing services, marking / stickering of each unit of goods in our warehouse , scanning GTIN on product,
  • With our sophisticated picking system and high-speed equipment, we are able to handle any volume of orders. Our company completes the assigned tasks on time even in the busy season, for example, before Christmas.
What do we offer?
  • Expansion Fulfillment offers standard fulfillment services such as pick & pack, storage, parcel shipments, deliveries. Modern warehouse management system will let you monitor the balance of the items and effectively plan inbound and outbound flows.
  • Also, we can support you on market insights, translations to any European languages, VAT and tax registration, helping on sales and customized packaging of your products.
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Our services

Expansion Fulfillment's specialists know everything about shipping, sorting, product selection and ways to properly store various types of products while ensuring the preservation of their properties. Services offered by company employees help business professionals forget about logistics and focus on developing the brand in foreign markets.

Preparing for FBA
Preparing goods for FBA is one of the services frequently requested by our customers. In their work, employees always follow Amazon's instructions and the specifications of the foreign system. The order admission rate is high. Therefore, our customers include managers of large web stores, among others. 

Specialists handle shipping, sorting and arrange the proper storage of goods in logistics centers. The next stage is packaging and delivery of products, involving reliable carriers across Europe that charge reasonable rates. 
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Acceptance and storage of goods

After accepting the product, Expansion Fulfillment registers its storage. Designated employees control the process and keep inventory records through labeling. 
  • The goods are stored on multi-tiered shelves and in refrigerators (when speaking of some cosmetics). 
  • If needed, areas with limited access are arranged. 
During storage, we always consider the compatibility of materials in warehouses. We make sure that the high quality of the customer's products is maintained. Satisfied customers measure our success!

With Expansion Fulfillment, you can order the delivery of goods throughout Europe. DHL, FedEx, and UPS are reliable partners that we've been cooperating with for many years now. Our services stand out by competitive rates and fast shipping of parcels.

Before storing the products, our specialists inspect them for damages and serviceability. If there are any defects or when goods arrived in a different quantity, the product is prepared for repeated shipping and re-packed once the shortcomings are eliminated. 
We work to ensure trouble-free delivery of products from the customer to consumers. 

Special services
In addition to a standard set of logistic services for e-commerce, entrepreneurs may find customization of packaging and labeling useful. Customers order GTIN scanning on pallets, Matrix stickers printing and customization of goods by inserting manuals or materials in the parcels for marketing purposes.
Our employees fulfil any requirements and desires requested by the customer.