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You as an online retailer can let us work with any amount of your parcels.

Just boost up your sales and let us focus how to save your money on logistics services. We know how to integrate your online business with all available marketplaces/platforms.

Expand your business with us, with your expansion fulfillment.


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Full scope of fulfillment processes

We involved into the process from a to z, from inbounding to returns management. We stand for your online business in offline logistics world.

Once set up, you will be provided with data-driven system to let you monitor all the process of your business will be involved to with us.

Data driven solutions

We aim to implement our expert solutions and customize them exactly to your business need. While using a one for the best WMS (Warehouse Management System) on market, which assures the inbound the goods, labelling, placing products on stock, or order picking works flawlessly and efficiently and CRM which meets the needs of the eCommerce industry and allows for smooth integration with all popular sales platforms.

Cost reduction for your business

Our fulfilment allows you to reduce your costs depending on the actual space your products occupy and you do not need to have the fixed costs when you have your own warehouse.

We reduce your costs based on the economy of scale and meanwhile you can redirect your budgets on market expansion and sales promotions.

Client in the core

We value the core client approach, so feel free to ask for additional special services.

We deeply understand what you and your customers will need which means we are ready to offer and implement ready solution to your expansion on the market, increase your sales with us.

Stages of work

How we are working

  • 01

    We will pick up the goods to our modern warehouse

  • 02

    We will integrate your e-shop or marketplace to our system and will manage the stock

  • 03

    We will tag, pick and pack

  • 04

    We will deliver the order to the customer and provide the orders tracking

  • 05

    We will take care of products returns

Delivery Services


We work with delivery services such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, and other well-known companies to provide our customers with the most convenient delivery conditions. Each of our partners has a high reputation in the industry, providing world-class service quality.




Frequently Asked Questions

Each cooperation is priced individually, and the final price depends on the number of parcels sent, the warehouse space occupied, types of packaging and non-standard services that have been ordered. If you want to know specific prices, please fill out our form. We will prepare a special offer based on your needs.

Integrating the warehouse system with your online store is crucial for logistics success. 24/7 stock updates are essential. Proper planning is necessary for all e-commerce logistics processes, including receiving orders, stocktaking, warehousing, order picking, shipping, and handling returns/complaints.

A full logistics service for e-commerce is the fulfillment solution. This service includes taking care of all processes so that the package reaches the end customer in perfect condition. You entrust your logistics partner with the collection of orders, product storage, packaging, shipping, returns and complaints, as well as additional services such as ironing, laundry or assistance with tax settlements.

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