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We do all the required operational FBA process including loading/ unloading the products carefully into our warehouse, sorting them and keep them safe there. After this according to the Amazon fulfillment prep specifications and of course your requirements and instructions, we carry out the prep services including labelling, bundling, Poly Bagging, carton forwarding, etc. before we pack and ship your merchandise to Amazon warehouses according to your FBA shipping plan with 48 hours guaranteed turnaround time. We are here to make your Fulfillment by Amazon business more enjoyable and more profitable.

When contacting us, you will get a response from our customer service within 24 hours.
Benefits of working with us
We offer
  • Goods inbound
    We are organizing the delivery to our warehouses and inbound your goods.
  • Goods storage
    After delivery, the goods are in modern warehouses with security and 24-hour video surveillance.
  • Integration
    We will integrate your e-shop or marketplace to our system and will manage the stock
  • We will mark, pick and pack
    We take into account all the requirements and wishes of the customer when packing, labeling and shipping goods.
  • We will deliver the order to the customer and provide the orders tracking
    Orders ready to ship will be delivered directly to the carrier in the specified quantity. We track orders on an ongoing basis in real time. We ship a lot on daily basis, with competitive prices and a cut off - up to 3pm.
  • FBA Amazon prep center
    Amazon has strict requirements for the products and packaging, and storage, labeling. Preparation and processing of orders are not cheap. By sending goods to Amazon not directly, but via our Prep Center, you will feel free from worries about Amazon.
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Fba prep services

Expansion Fulfillment prep center offers an online business manager a unique opportunity for online sales through Amazon and other popular marketplaces without any fuss or restrictions. If the products do not meet Amazon's FBA terms, the seller may be accused of not taking the system requirements seriously. In the worst-case scenario, the products will be lost. 

Business development is impossible without scaling and marketing. Our company's specialists will take over the routine tasks of preparing and packing goods so that they meet FAB Amazon terms. Working with trusted carriers, we ensure express delivery of goods across Europe. 
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Benefits Amazon fulfillment from Expansion Fulfillment

Here are some benefits of cooperation with Expansion Fulfillment based in Poland:
  • employees process numerous orders — all consumers receive the products in the shortest time possible, while a seller does not need to waste time on this task;
  • fix translation-related issues;
  • store goods in modern warehouses located throughout Europe;
  • inspect goods for damage and serviceability, with subsequent repacking and shipping to the address specified by the customer; 
  • product overview (as needed), preparing a photo report;
  • reasonable service price from a team of experts.
Once the parcel is processed by the carrier, a customer receives an order tracking number, which can be used to track its status.