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EXPANSION FULLFILLMENT offers logistics and bonded warehousing services in its warehouses. Short-term storage for consolidation or grouping, long-term secure storage, bonded warehouse or delayed differentiation workshop, there is always a EXPANSION FULLFILLMENT network warehouse on the route of your goods.

Receipt, collection and loading of goods are processed via scanners and are easily tracked with a powerful warehouse management system. Each of the EXPANSION FULLFILLMENT warehouses is designed with racks and a storage system adapted to all your types of goods (hazardous, alcohol, etc.) , while respecting the compatibilities of the different materials.
Benefits of working with us
We offer
  • Goods inbound
    We are organizing the delivery to our warehouses and inbound your goods.
  • Goods storage
    After delivery, the goods are in modern warehouses with security and 24-hour video surveillance.
  • Integration
    We will integrate your e-shop or marketplace to our system and will manage the stock
  • We will mark, pick and pack
    We take into account all the requirements and wishes of the customer when packing, labeling and shipping goods.
  • We will deliver the order to the customer and provide the orders tracking
    Orders ready to ship will be delivered directly to the carrier in the specified quantity. We track orders on an ongoing basis in real time. We ship a lot on daily basis, with competitive prices and a cut off - up to 3pm.
  • FBA Amazon prep center
    Amazon has strict requirements for the products and packaging, and storage, labeling. Preparation and processing of orders are not cheap. By sending goods to Amazon not directly, but via our Prep Center, you will feel free from worries about Amazon.
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warehouse logistics services

Proper storage of goods and control over their volumes ensures fast delivery and minimum asset management costs. Expansion Fulfillment owns storage facilities across Europe equipped with the best warehouse equipment.

During acceptance, the goods are:
  • sorted;
  • measured;
  • weighed;
  • labeled;
  • packed, as needed 
You can order short and long-term storage of products. For shipment tracking, we use a cutting-edge system to monitor transport operations. We know how to simplify inventory management.
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Cutting-edge warehouse equipment and software

Warehouse services are impossible without specialized equipment. Expansion Fulfillment owns state-of-the-art weight-handling and processing equipment. We take orders from small and medium-sized businesses. 
Owing to high-quality software, our specialists address challenges usually encountered by online sales managers when handling the supply chain.

Our specialists do not stand idle, but continuously keep enhancing their knowledge. The financial team of highly qualified consultants is familiar with strict accounting requirements. Warehouse services offered by Expansion Fulfillment meet the financial needs of our customers.