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There are a lot of companies that promise to take care of the logistical needs of an online store owner. But when it comes directly to the aspect of business management, problems begin. Finding the right logistics providers can be quite difficult. The reason is simple - many potential customers do not know what to look for when considering their choice. Even experienced e-commerce veterans may not know what to ask candidates and what to pay special attention to.


When communicating with potential delivery partners, it is important to pay attention to several important points. Candidate answers will not only help you choose the one that best suits your needs, but also help you understand how they work and how their support helps your business grow. It is recommended that you discuss the following points with your future partner:

  1. International shipping policy. This may seem like an obvious question with an equally obvious answer (“We ship everywhere!”), but this is not always the case. Some logistics operations may specialize in delivery to certain markets. If e-commerce is delivered across borders, be sure to ask about the significant advantages or disadvantages that a particular execution operation has in markets that are important to the store.
  2. How does the partner deal with the return of goods. Comeback is just a fact of life in e-commerce, especially in the fashion industry. No matter how much return you get, it can be a logistical challenge and a major disruption to your workflow. That is why it is so convenient to let your logistics partner handle the return process.
  3. What is the rate of delivery accuracy. All reliable logistics operations track their accuracy when it comes to delivering the right goods and quantities to the right customers. Feel free to ask what their last measured result was and use that as an indication of their overall level of service.
  4. Ability to integrate your CRM or other e-commerce platform with your logistics partner. Digital integration means being able to access all relevant information about shipments, returns, etc. In many cases, this means being able to get answers quickly on your own, rather than relying on someone to answer your call or email.
  5. Is it possible to ship the order on the same day? Next day delivery is what many customers want and the store is obliged to offer it. This means handing over the parcel to the courier service before a certain date. Be sure to ask when the term is so that managers can communicate this to clients.
  6. Which areas offer next day delivery. This is obviously related to the previous question and is another topic that customers ask about. Be sure to find out exactly when and where you can offer this type of delivery.
  7. Does the partner offer custom packaging? One size doesn't fit all when it comes to packaging. Whether the size, shape or nature of your product requires it, you need to be sure that your logistics partner can provide the packaging needed not only to protect the product during shipment, but also to ensure an aesthetic delivery.

Having discussed the above questions with potential partners, you will get a general picture of cooperation. After that, making a decision will be much easier.


It is important to discuss the financial side and find out if the partner offers flexible tariff plans. Answers here may vary, but it's always worth learning more about how you'll be charged for support provided by a logistics partner. If you are interested in a certain arrangement that will give you the flexibility you need, it doesn't hurt to ask about it. It is also worth knowing if you, as an online store owner, can access information about the number of stocks and the range of products in warehouses (if a partner does this) so that you can run your business without relying on someone else. It would be good to visit the warehouses in person to see the conditions in which goods are stored and processed. Inventory, like any goods, is valuable. The owner has every right to be interested in how he is protected. It is always worth asking about the security measures put in place at the facilities where your goods are stored.
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