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Pick and Pack Service
With our sophisticated picking system and high-speed equipment, we are able to handle any volume of orders. Our company completes the assigned tasks on time even in the busy season, for example, before Christmas.
Benefits of working with us
We offer
  • Goods inbound
    We are organizing the delivery to our warehouses and inbound your goods.
  • Goods storage
    After delivery, the goods are in modern warehouses with security and 24-hour video surveillance.
  • Integration
    We will integrate your e-shop or marketplace to our system and will manage the stock
  • We will mark, pick and pack
    We take into account all the requirements and wishes of the customer when packing, labeling and shipping goods.
  • We will deliver the order to the customer and provide the orders tracking
    Orders ready to ship will be delivered directly to the carrier in the specified quantity. We track orders on an ongoing basis in real time. We ship a lot on daily basis, with competitive prices and a cut off - up to 3pm.
  • FBA Amazon prep center
    Amazon has strict requirements for the products and packaging, and storage, labeling. Preparation and processing of orders are not cheap. By sending goods to Amazon not directly, but via our Prep Center, you will feel free from worries about Amazon.
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The Pick and Pack service is an indispensable part of e-commerce. After the order is placed, the warehouse worker proceeds with sorting the goods, packaging and subsequent shipment, while taking into account the wishes of the client.
Due to the use of an efficient picking and packaging system, delivery takes a minimum of time. The following factors can also be attributed to the advantages of using an information system:
  • the customer receives exactly the product that he ordered;
  • selection of reliable packaging to avoid damage to the goods during transportation;
  • packaging also corresponds to products of certain dimensions;
  • timely delivery of the parcel to the client.

The service allows you to avoid errors when placing an order. An added bonus is the ability to attach documents, such as invoices or invoices.
Our company understands how important it is for a client to receive an order as soon as possible. Therefore, we try to ship the goods on the day of receipt of the order.
Automated technological equipment helps a well-coordinated team of responsible employees to achieve the desired results. Its list includes a line for packaging products, conveyors equipped with program control, elevators, scanners and other devices.
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By ordering the Pick and Pack service, you will be able to leave in the past worries about the processing of goods, the selection of the best courier option or the choice of the best route to the post office. Activities included in the service:
  • order data analysis;
  • sorting products;
  • collection of all elements of the order;
  • packaging of goods - manually or using a special machine;
  • adding documentation;
  • choice of packaging material;
  • packing goods into bags, fixing labels, adding instructions if necessary;
  • selection of the optimal delivery route;
  • control over returns and completed claims;
  • if necessary, the order can be reassembled and repackaged.
Features of order formation
In large quantities, it is possible to accurately form and pack orders only with a good organization of the process. All goods must be marked in advance, certain places in the warehouse are reserved for specific products. Picking and packaging must be carried out in accordance with the standard. Coordinated and consistent actions are required from assemblers.
If the process is not brought to automatism, the wrong products may be placed in the order, the risk of unwanted delays is high. The picking system must match the scope of your product offering.
What organizational methods in the field of e-commerce can ensure the prosperity of business activities?
  1. Piece-by-piece formation of orders. One employee prepares one order. The next order is started only after packing all the goods of the previous one.
  2. The Batch method is best used for a large number of orders with the same list of items.
  3. Zone sorting. The warehouse is divided into zones, each of which employs one part of the assemblers. They transfer the packaging to another area of the warehouse via conveyor belts. This separation allows you to fulfill orders faster and more accurately.